Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life's Been Busy!

Hello Friends!

The latter part of June and all of July has been a whirlwind of events. I have had a baby shower in Dallas, my ten year high school reunion, the Fourth of July, another baby shower with family in town, the furniture for the nursery finally came, birthing classes, and a little bit of work in between! I am truly blessed with all the friends and family who have participated in the preparations for this baby! Collier is going to be one spoiled little boy!!

I will be posting pictures very soon of the baby showers and the nursery. While my mother, grandmother, and aunt were here this weekend, we unloaded all the shower gifts and organized everything. This week, my dear friend Mary Jane and I are busy with art projects that will decorate the baby room. When we finish I will share all the cuteness of the nursery!

I am 35 weeks this week! I go to the Doctor today. I have been getting more uncomfortable as the weeks go along. If my feet aren't swollen, then it is my hands. They are getting harder to use everyday. Collier also feels like he is sitting on my bladder and right down in my lower pelvis. Even walking gets uncomfortable at times!! All of this makes me even more anxious for him to come!! What we endure for our children!! Now how many times have we heard that from our mothers?

Hope your enjoying the rain...
love ya, mean it.

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