Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Weekend at the Lake

We had such a good time going to Aunt Julie's lakehouse on Lake Conroe! We arrived on Friday afternoon and headed straight for the water. Call was such a good traveler. As always, he slept most of the car ride, but was ready for a swim with Daddy and Uncle Kurt!
The water was rather warm!!

Auntie Mer and Mommy

Mary Jane, Keilah, and Sandra

Just laying around on the boat with my juice.

I think we were getting tired!

Watching Uncle Kurt wake surf.

Harper giving Call some lovin'.

HUGS from Harper.

Uncle Brandon and Cousin Halle going down the slide.

Saturday morning hanging out on the boat dock.

Loving me some goldfish!!

Getting ready to get back in the water!!
We had a very relaxing weekend on the lake with all of our friends. Alot of sun, water, yummy food, and fun times with our RR crowd. I hope we do it again next summer!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Water Baby

If you are going to have Keilah and Adam for parents, one must be a lover of water! Well we have no problem with that, because Call loves it! It took him awhile to warm up to the big swimming pool, but he loves the bath and smaller bodies of water. On this particular summer day, we filled up a turtle sandbox with water and let him have a good ole time!
Look at me!! This is so much fun!!

Letting Clyde take a drink too!

Playing with his water toys outside.

This was before he learned how to climb in and out of the pool.
He really had a good time and we have done this several more times throughout the summer. Now if I could just keep him out of the dog bowl!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playdate with Emery.

Emery is one of Collier's best friends. They spend lots of time together, while Liz and I hangout. They came over one day, after eating lunch with their daddy to play. They had a great time playing with the wagon. It was once again too cute!!
Collier and Emery

Collier pushing Emery around in the wagon. He was walking and squealing while he pushed her around!!
A view from the side. This wagon really improved his walking ability. Ever since I bought it, he pushes it around and puts everything in it. Even his friends!!!

Having so much with my friend! We are so thankful for their friendship!!

Happy Fourth of July!!

We had a busy July 4th weekend. We spent most of it hanging out with Adam's parents at their house in the pool. Here is the family after church at the Round Rock Frontier Days Parade!

We met Callie and Erin at the parade.

Collier watching the floats go by.

Playing with some parade flair. I am not sure he knew what to think of the parade. I know next year, he will be a little more interested!! I am so thankful for our founding father's of America and their fight for our independence. God Bless America!!

10 Months

In late June, Collier turned 10 months!! He is getting around by leaps and bounds! One second, he is cruising around the furniture, and then taking a couple stepsAlign Center and falling down. I am in awe of his motor skills everyday. Since birth, this child has always been on the move. Now I find myself chasing him everywhere!!

Walking around the kitchen-From cabinet to refridgerator.

A little unsteady, but he made it!!

Look at me, on my feet, all by myself!!

So Collier was playing with his toys, and I caught him talking on his phone. It was too cute. He is learning to mimic his parents. It is really cool watching your children learn how to do stuff. Not only does he like the phone, but the remotes as well.
Walking around and talking on his phone. A multi-tasker!!

Mommy bought this red wagon for me, to help me learn to walk. It is also fun, to have your friends push you around, while you ride in it!!

Playing with my sweet friend Elle. I love my new red wagon.

Soaking wet!!

So happy in the water!! Look how big I am getting!!

Call loves playing in the bath tub!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Travels

This summer we went on a road trip to Ardmore, Oklahoma for our Aunt Ruby's wedding. It was a HOT ONE!! We left on Thursday night and met up with the rest of the Thompson Family. We spent the weekend hanging out with family at the park, the hotel, and of course the wedding. Collier did well on the drive, but the entire trip we were teething and didn't feel very well. I feel so bad for babies cutting teeth. They are so sad to watch when they are in pain. But now we have two top front teeth! Here are some photos of our trip.
Playing in the grass after the ceremony.

The Thompson's.

Mommy and Collier after the rehearsal dinner at the park.

Collier was not happy about getting splashed by the water!
If you look closely, you can see his tooth coming in.

Playing in the slash park with Daddy.

Playing with my cousins.

He is not too sure about the grass.

My cousin Ava. She has the best giggles!!

Our cousin Noah.

Playing with Ava.

The wedding party practicing for the big day.

My Great Grandpa Dean. He is soo proud of me!!

Hanging out with Grandma Audrey.