Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Months

In late June, Collier turned 10 months!! He is getting around by leaps and bounds! One second, he is cruising around the furniture, and then taking a couple stepsAlign Center and falling down. I am in awe of his motor skills everyday. Since birth, this child has always been on the move. Now I find myself chasing him everywhere!!

Walking around the kitchen-From cabinet to refridgerator.

A little unsteady, but he made it!!

Look at me, on my feet, all by myself!!

So Collier was playing with his toys, and I caught him talking on his phone. It was too cute. He is learning to mimic his parents. It is really cool watching your children learn how to do stuff. Not only does he like the phone, but the remotes as well.
Walking around and talking on his phone. A multi-tasker!!

Mommy bought this red wagon for me, to help me learn to walk. It is also fun, to have your friends push you around, while you ride in it!!

Playing with my sweet friend Elle. I love my new red wagon.

Soaking wet!!

So happy in the water!! Look how big I am getting!!

Call loves playing in the bath tub!!

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