Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Travels

This summer we went on a road trip to Ardmore, Oklahoma for our Aunt Ruby's wedding. It was a HOT ONE!! We left on Thursday night and met up with the rest of the Thompson Family. We spent the weekend hanging out with family at the park, the hotel, and of course the wedding. Collier did well on the drive, but the entire trip we were teething and didn't feel very well. I feel so bad for babies cutting teeth. They are so sad to watch when they are in pain. But now we have two top front teeth! Here are some photos of our trip.
Playing in the grass after the ceremony.

The Thompson's.

Mommy and Collier after the rehearsal dinner at the park.

Collier was not happy about getting splashed by the water!
If you look closely, you can see his tooth coming in.

Playing in the slash park with Daddy.

Playing with my cousins.

He is not too sure about the grass.

My cousin Ava. She has the best giggles!!

Our cousin Noah.

Playing with Ava.

The wedding party practicing for the big day.

My Great Grandpa Dean. He is soo proud of me!!

Hanging out with Grandma Audrey.

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