Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 Months

Well, we have reached the 6th month mark! Collier is growing up all too quickly, if you ask me. Here is a glimpse of what he has been doing over the last month. He officially turned 6 months on Sunday the 21st of February. We went to the doctor yesterday for his check up. He weighed in at 13 pounds 3.5 ounces and was 25 3/4 inches long. The doctor was a little concerned about his weight, but said that sometimes breastfed babies do this. So we are supplementing with a little bit of formula, along with adding baby food to his diet, to see if he can pack on some pounds. But what is Collier doing developmentally? I have added some pictures of him below in action.

Happy Baby!

Call can officially push himself up to a sitting position from laying down.

Big smiles for the camera.

Pulling up to standing on his Daddy. This was actually the first time he did this and I just happened to have the camera out.

He loves to climb. He might be little, but he thinks he is sooo big!

Going for a stroll on a sunny Sunday in the park.

Call loves to lay on his side like this. It is too cute!

Hanging out with Mimi in her RV. He stayed with her while Mary Jane and I went for a run out at Old Settlers.

Getting some lovin' from Mimi.

Playing with his friends during the Super Bowl.

Call with Cannon and John on the floor.

Being silly with Daddy.

Collier is now doing the army crawl. At this moment he crawled through the end table. He likes to crawl through tight spaces and get into stuff like tennis shoes and dog toys.

As I write this post, he can now get up on all fours and take a couple of steps forward. He is really trying hard to move forward and balance on his hands and knees. He also wants to pull up on things. But there is not much to pull up on at our house. We did however, have to lower his crib, because he figured out how to pull up on the bumper. He is cutting two teeth, which put him in a cranky mood sometimes. And as for food, he seems to really like bananas, pears, and applesauce. He is very busy getting around. We love him so much and it is so cool to watch him learn new things. Stay tuned for more!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Babies All Around.

The first Saturday in February, a group of my high school girlfriends got together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Shelly's second baby. Liz planned a great party at Jasper's in the Domain. It is always a treat to hang out with the girls and visit. As we get older, we add more merriment to the group with our bebe's. Here we are together capturing the moment.

Lauren, Katie, Call, Keilah, Liz, Emery, and Shelly.

It seems like every time we get together, someone has a suprise for the group. This time it was Lauren. We are so excited for August when she gets to add her little one to the group!! As always, not everyone could make it. We missed having Linz, Stephanie, Jenny, Melanie, and April there to celebrate with us. But when someone can't make it, we know they are there in spirit. I love these girls!! God really blessed 10 girls from Round Rock with lifelong friendships!!
Now we just have to wait a couple more weeks for Shelly's little blessing to arrive. Then we will know if we have another little boy to add to the other's, or if Emery will finally get a little girlfriend to play with!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Eats

Now that our little one is approaching his 6th month, we have begun to experiment with solid food. We have tried bananas, and on this particular night, we tried rice cereal. Adam fed him, while I caught the moment on camera. As any other baby, he loves putting things in his mouth. I am not so sure he liked the cereal though. I think most of it ended up drooling out of his mouth, down his chin, and landing on the bib.

His first taste of cereal.

Letting it drool right out of his mouth.

He wants to help you with the spoon.

Can you see the cereal all over his chin?

Giving me a smile! He is very aware of the camera!!
I still cannot believe that he is about to turn 6 months old!! They grow up so fast. Everyone kept telling me that during the first three months of sleep deprivation. I just kept thinking that I want to sleep, I want him to sleep, and yeah right. When you are sleep deprived, the days and months just seem long. But, they were right. Now as we chase him around the room, as he crawls around on the floor, I keep remembering what they told me. They grow up so fast! I do miss the little snuggly infant days, but not the sleep deprivation!! I also love getting to hang out with him and help him explore his new world as he grows bigger each day.

Nap Time

I came home one Saturday morning, after going on a long run, with my friend Mary Jane, to find both my boys taking a nap in the recliner. I thought it was too cute and I had to take a picture. Collier loves to sleep in your arms. As he gets bigger and wants to explore his surroundings, we get a little less of the snuggling and napping in our arms. This was too sweet and I had to share!

Call and his Daddy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the Move.

Our little guy continues to grow and discover new things all the time! He has discovered his toes and feet. When I change his diaper he puts his feet in his mouth all the time. I am amazed at how fast he is learning to do things too! Call is now crawling, not on all fours, but he does an army crawl. We have to watch him closely, because if we don't he will have moved off of the blanket and is into items that aren't his toys. He loves our shoes and the dog's toys. Just about anything we don't want him to put in his mouth. Here are some of his new moves!!

Playing on the floor with his toes. He really loves having his clothes off. Typical little boy!

His new side pose. He has been trying to push himself into the sitting position from here.

Being silly for the camera.

I was trying to capture him crawling.

This is an outfit from his Aunt Vickie in Lubbock. It is so cute, that I had to take pictures of him in it.

Little cow feet.

The Little Moo Cow!

There is more to come! I will keep you updated as we learn more things. As of now, I am off to go and round up the little guy. I hope everyone is staying warm during the cold days in February!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Playdate.

We had out first official playdate. Kelly came over with Cannon, who is two weeks older than Call, and Liz brought over Emery, who is two months younger than Call. The mommies had a good time hanging out. I made homemade pizza for the girls. Liz brought salad and Kelly brought dessert. The babies played on the floor and took a couple of naps during the afternoon. It was a fun day and wonderful to spend time with other moms!!
Collier and Cannon playing together for the first time.

Collier was very interested in Emery!!

Here Collier was touching her face. Poor girl was too little to fend him off!! I am sure she just didn't know what to think of the boys!

We caught Collier after he had grabbed Emery's hand.

So cute!! He is such a flirt at a young age!!

Collier and Emery holding hands.

Collier and Cannon checking each other out.

Playing with Cannon and Emery.

5 Months Old

Call is now 5 months old!! He is growing up so fast! We really enjoy watching him learn new things. He is starting to move around quite a bit. He loves to scoot on the floor and we are working on balance. We love him soo much and I can't imagine life without him!!
Here he is thinking..."Why does she make me do this every month?"

Getting a grin!! He is starting to look alot like Daddy.

Trying to sit up.

Falling over.

Trying to get his buddy Clyde! Or Clyde wanted his picture taken too!!