Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Eats

Now that our little one is approaching his 6th month, we have begun to experiment with solid food. We have tried bananas, and on this particular night, we tried rice cereal. Adam fed him, while I caught the moment on camera. As any other baby, he loves putting things in his mouth. I am not so sure he liked the cereal though. I think most of it ended up drooling out of his mouth, down his chin, and landing on the bib.

His first taste of cereal.

Letting it drool right out of his mouth.

He wants to help you with the spoon.

Can you see the cereal all over his chin?

Giving me a smile! He is very aware of the camera!!
I still cannot believe that he is about to turn 6 months old!! They grow up so fast. Everyone kept telling me that during the first three months of sleep deprivation. I just kept thinking that I want to sleep, I want him to sleep, and yeah right. When you are sleep deprived, the days and months just seem long. But, they were right. Now as we chase him around the room, as he crawls around on the floor, I keep remembering what they told me. They grow up so fast! I do miss the little snuggly infant days, but not the sleep deprivation!! I also love getting to hang out with him and help him explore his new world as he grows bigger each day.

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