Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Babies All Around.

The first Saturday in February, a group of my high school girlfriends got together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Shelly's second baby. Liz planned a great party at Jasper's in the Domain. It is always a treat to hang out with the girls and visit. As we get older, we add more merriment to the group with our bebe's. Here we are together capturing the moment.

Lauren, Katie, Call, Keilah, Liz, Emery, and Shelly.

It seems like every time we get together, someone has a suprise for the group. This time it was Lauren. We are so excited for August when she gets to add her little one to the group!! As always, not everyone could make it. We missed having Linz, Stephanie, Jenny, Melanie, and April there to celebrate with us. But when someone can't make it, we know they are there in spirit. I love these girls!! God really blessed 10 girls from Round Rock with lifelong friendships!!
Now we just have to wait a couple more weeks for Shelly's little blessing to arrive. Then we will know if we have another little boy to add to the other's, or if Emery will finally get a little girlfriend to play with!!

1 comment:

  1. WOW I didn't know about Lauren! That's so exciting!!!

    Yall all look so great - can't wait to see everyone Saturday! Will the babies be there?

    I don't think Call could get any cuter! He seriously is one of the cutest kids! Also my sister wants me to mention to you that she thinks is so cute too...she just sent me an email telling me to check your blog update and tell you how cute your baby is!!!