Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Playdate.

We had out first official playdate. Kelly came over with Cannon, who is two weeks older than Call, and Liz brought over Emery, who is two months younger than Call. The mommies had a good time hanging out. I made homemade pizza for the girls. Liz brought salad and Kelly brought dessert. The babies played on the floor and took a couple of naps during the afternoon. It was a fun day and wonderful to spend time with other moms!!
Collier and Cannon playing together for the first time.

Collier was very interested in Emery!!

Here Collier was touching her face. Poor girl was too little to fend him off!! I am sure she just didn't know what to think of the boys!

We caught Collier after he had grabbed Emery's hand.

So cute!! He is such a flirt at a young age!!

Collier and Emery holding hands.

Collier and Cannon checking each other out.

Playing with Cannon and Emery.


  1. so fun! Collier and Emery holding hands will be a great picture to have as they get older!!

  2. These pictures are so cute! I love that the babies are already friends!