Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the Move.

Our little guy continues to grow and discover new things all the time! He has discovered his toes and feet. When I change his diaper he puts his feet in his mouth all the time. I am amazed at how fast he is learning to do things too! Call is now crawling, not on all fours, but he does an army crawl. We have to watch him closely, because if we don't he will have moved off of the blanket and is into items that aren't his toys. He loves our shoes and the dog's toys. Just about anything we don't want him to put in his mouth. Here are some of his new moves!!

Playing on the floor with his toes. He really loves having his clothes off. Typical little boy!

His new side pose. He has been trying to push himself into the sitting position from here.

Being silly for the camera.

I was trying to capture him crawling.

This is an outfit from his Aunt Vickie in Lubbock. It is so cute, that I had to take pictures of him in it.

Little cow feet.

The Little Moo Cow!

There is more to come! I will keep you updated as we learn more things. As of now, I am off to go and round up the little guy. I hope everyone is staying warm during the cold days in February!!

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