Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our First Road Trip and Wedding with Bebe!

On October 10th we had the pleasure of going to Dallas for Felix Munson's wedding. We had a good time hanging out at the Crowne Plaza Suites. Adam was able to play golf with Erich Koch on Saturday morning, while I went and hung out with my friend Jenn at the galleria.

Collier is getting ready for bed on Friday night after we got checked in.

Hanging out in the bed before going out for some shopping.

Collier loves to lay down and play. Here he is smiling big!!

Going to the wedding reception with momma.

Hanging out with Daddy at the table.

Family Portrait.
Thank you to Aunt Shannon for coming to the hotel and babysitting Collier during the wedding and some of the reception. Collier had a great time!!

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