Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hypnobirthing Reunion

Some of you know, that Collier's birth story included a natural delivery. Yes, I was crazy and opted out of having the epidural!! We had an awesome experience, and would not have been able to have that experience, without attending a birthing class. One of my friends, had her baby using the hypnobirthing technique, which intrigued me as well. Adam and I took a class back in July to prepare us for a natural delivery. At the end of February, our instructor hosted a reunion. It was fun to meet up with the other couple in our class and meet their baby. We also enjoyed a neck and shoulder massage, which was greatly needed, and much appreciated!

Here was the group, that included 2 different classes. Katherine, the pretty blonde in the back, was our instructor.

Collier playing on the floor with Katherine and Isaac.

This is Isaac, Collier's womb buddy!! They were born about a week apart.

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