Thursday, April 1, 2010

7 Months

Collier is now 7 months old! He is growing up to be more adorable each and everyday. He has the cutest personality. He loves to play, crawl, and pull up on everything. He is a little dare devil too. He is already holding onto the couch and letting go with one hand. He tries to reach down and grab things too, while he is standing up. And he is a fast little guy! I have to watch him very closely, because he will wonder off, and explore other areas of the house. But we are having so much fun with him. Here is his latest photo shoot.

He is too cute! Such a poser.

Pulling up.

Morning playtime with Daddy.

Playing with Daddy's golf club.

He thinks he is so big!
We just think he is wonderful! We love the joy and excitement he had brought into our lives.
On a different note, he had surgery last Tuesday, the 30th. His plumbing is officially fixed! It was a rough last week, but he is finally getting back to himself. On Monday, we had a little scare. While taking his bath, he tried to stand up in the sink, and the catheter got caught under his foot and pulled out a bit. We called the Doc on call, and he had us take it out. We called the nurse the next day, and since he is doing fine and not having any side effects, we didn't have to take him in. We go on Friday for a follow up appointment. We will keep everyone posted. So far, so good!


  1. oh my goodness, I didn't know sweet Call was having surgery. Please keep us posted on how he is. All of the pics are adorable! My fav is the first one and the ones in his vest! Soooo precious! :) Love you!

  2. He is SUCH a cute baby. Seriously he's one of the prettiest (and I mean handsome of course) babies ever. I'm glad the surgery and recovery has gone well. I've been thinking about yall!