Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Spring, 8 Months Old!

Happy Spring! April 21st, Call turned 8 months old. I cannot believe it. I think I may say that every month, but really!! Time has gone by soo fast. My sweet baby is now crawling and pulling up on everything. He says quite a few new sounds. Such as, ba ba, da da, ga ga. I haven't heard ma ma yet! He loves to talk while he is crawling around and playing. He has recently discovered that doors open and close. He also loves to pull all the drawers out of my jewelry box while I get ready. And this week he started mimicking what I do. Like if I splash my hands in the water during bath time, he will do it too. It is soo cute. And the best news is that everything from his surgery went well! He has healed up nicely.

My attempt at photography.

I have tried twice to get some bluebonnet pictures. Call is not a big fan of sitting in the grass, even on a blanket. I could not get him to smile or look at me to say the least. In this picture he is really watching a runner behind me!

This face shows what he really thinks about this photo op!

The best shot I good get from the fellow.

Playing in his walker from his Grandpa Gary.

Showing his teeth! He has three now. They are all on the bottom. He is scaling the furniture and trying to get from one toy to the next, while standing on his feet, without falling down. He is very fast on his knees too. If you look away for one second, he is gone! We love this little guy soo much. What a joy he is in our lives!


  1. I know I say this every time you put up new pics of your handsome little man but seriously - he's SO CUTE!!! I'm so glad to hear his surgery and recovery went well and that's all behind yall!

  2. the most precious 8-month-er I've ever seen! He's a doll! Love the pictures and I'm with April... so happy and thankful the surgery went well. Love you!