Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brotherly Love

Several people ask me all the time, "How is Collier handling the new baby?" Well to answer your question, he loves his new baby brother! He loves him so much that he sometimes smothers him with his love. And yes, he has gotten frustrated with all the attention that is paid to Wyatt. He has learned to hit and sometimes, his loves pats turn to whacks. Poor Wyatt is getting smothered with kisses or hit on the head by his big brother! It is a good thing that Wyatt is already looking like he can take Collier in the weight department, because Collier might get paid back someday! Here is a glimpse of Collier loving on his baby brother from the hospital until now.

Checking out his new baby.

Not too sure what to think of Wyatt.

Just checking on Wyatt to see if he is ok!

One thing he really enjoys is holding his little brother!

Giving Wyatt kisses.

Showing lots of emotion with his loving!

Besides loving on Wyatt, Collier loves his new basketball too!

Sweet Boys!

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