Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Week at Home.

Wyatt had an eventful first week at home. My Mom, Granna J, was in town to help out, along with Auntie MerMer, and my grandmother, Mimi, flew in to see all her grand babies. Wyatt came home from the hospital with a little bit of jaundice, so he had to spend a little time in the natural sun light. We also had his first set of newborn pictures taken and his first bath. More about that later! We had a lot of visitors and Wyatt received a whole lot of lovin'. Here are a few pictures of the weeks events!

Snoozing in the Moses basket.

Letting us know that the sun is a little bright!

A little more comfortable now.

Meeting Auntie MerMer for the first time. Mary Jane is one of my Kappa sisters and besties. I don't have a real sister, but she is the closest thing to having one. Collier doesn't know that. I am sure that he will grow up thinking she is my real sister and never think twice about it! She wasn't able to be there for the birth, because she is a pilot and was at work when Wyatt was born. We were pretty upset about that. She came over as soon as she got home!

Sweet Mimi! Wyatt hasn't met Granddad yet, because he was too sick to make the trip. We were so happy that Mimi got to come and help us out!

One thing about Mimi: she loves to give babies their bath. So we let her give Wyatt his first one at home! She does a much better job than we could. They don't even cry very much. Collier had many baths done with great, loving care by Mimi when he was very little!

Not too bad thus far.

Getting a little cold!

One week old!

Love this little guy.


Four generations.

Granna J and her grand babies.

Mimi and her great grand babies.

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